The platform is dead, long live the platform

A presentation at Adriatic AWS Innovation Days in in Opatija, Croatia by Luka Kladaric

Out with the old, in with the new. Replacing a functioning platform with shiny containerized automated goodness.

When companies evolve, their tech stacks need to as well. But sometimes you realize every single part of the machine needs evolving, and you’re better off scrapping the entire thing.

Zero downtime migration from a legacy stack based on Jenkins, Ansible, Icinga, HAproxy, nginx, uwsgi, pypi, and Tomcat to a new one based on Travis, Docker, CloudFormation and ECS/Fargate with assorted tech debt solved on the way there.

A high level overview of current tech, leaning towards the “serverless” trend by having 0 self-managed resources (“classic servers”). Talk will focus on AWS offerings but is applicable to most of the popular public clouds.

It’s basically a rich man’s Heroku, with all the flexibility you might possibly need, while avoiding scary tech like Kubernetes which nobody wants to really learn how to manage properly.


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