Luka Kladaric

Luka has been doing computer stuff professionally for over half his life. Despises frontend, likes doing talks. Loves putting out trash fires for money. Runs Sekura Collective, a chaos management agency. Formerly engineering lead at, infrastructure lead at, CTO/cofounder at and developer at Splits time between Zagreb and New York. Dreams in matrixcode.

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Zero-downtime datacenter failovers (Switching hosting providers for dummies) Python Belgrade January 2018
Don’t get pwned in 2018 - webapp lockdown checklist Security StackUp December 2017
Geo-distributed Development Teams in Practice Drupal Heart Camp May 2017
Security in the age of frameworks FSec September 2016
The importance of being a noob Webcamp Ljubljana March 2016
Web apps for mobile - hurdles and gotchas MobileCamp Ljubljana March 2010

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